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Veeplay.overlaycontrollers Namespace
Public classDismissActionContainer
represents the dismissed state of a overlay control
Public classMediaPlayerButtonOverlayController
The MediaPlayerButtonOverlayController allows placing a transparent overlay in a specific area of the player surface, that can trigger the launch of a specific URL. The MediaPlayer instance will query the actionDelegate object to interpret and launch the specified URL. If the actionDelegate cannot respond to the URL, and the URL has a web scheme (http or https), it will be launched automatically in the in-app web browser.
Public classMediaPlayerClosableOverlayController
The MediaPlayerClosableOverlayController class is meant to be a superclass for overlay controllers that need to display a configurable close button to remove the overlay from screen. The class adds a set of standard keys to any overlay controller's own defined keys, to handle close button configuration. Methods are also exposed to allow a subclass to add and remove the close button from its view stack.
Public classMediaPlayerControlsOverlayController
Public classMediaPlayerHTMLOverlayController
The MediaPlayerHTMLOverlayController allows the inline loading of HTML content inside an overlay placed on top of video content.
Public classMediaPlayerImageOverlayController
The MediaPlayerImageOverlayController allows placing an image on top of video content.
Public classMediaPlayerMidrollOverlayController
Public classMediaPlayerOverlayController
The MediaPlayerOverlayController defines all the methods that a OverlayController subclass must or can implement to be able to register as an overlay controller with the player. This abstract class implements the KRAdapter interface, so objects should also define a unique string type to register under.
Public classMediaPlayerSkipOverlayController
Public classMediaPlayerTextOverlayController
The MediaPlayerTextOverlayController allows the displaying text on top of video content.
Public enumerationMediaPlayerSkipOverlayControllerSkipOverlayProgressPosition
Defines where inside the skip overlay should the progress circle be rendered.